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A Boston native, Mary began painting with oils at age eleven. Having discovered her passion at this early age, Mary has been making art for many years. Her formal training took place at The Art Institute of Boston, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Lesley University. Among Mary’s many professional memberships are Core Member of Fountain Street Gallery, SOWA Boston, The National Association of Women Artists, The Collage Association, and The International Encaustic Institute. Her pieces have appeared in galleries in major cities throughout the United States and are in private collections throughout the world. Mary’s work is renowned for its technique and innovation. 

Her professional career began with a focus on painting portraits with oil. Through the years, she has expanded her skills to include paper cutting, collage, and mixed media abstraction.  Most recently, she has focused on the technique of encaustic painting. The luminous properties and endless variation that can be achieved with encaustic attract Mary to this ancient medium.  Encaustic allows the artist to layer color on color to achieve a glowing surface, and the organic world inspires Mary’s use of color and texture. She works abstractly and incorporates patterns and structures from many time periods and cultures. Combining these materials in an unconventional way allows her to create themes of contrast, using balance against complexity and harmony set against chaos.

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